We love Spain and Portugal


Spain has roughly 7.900 km of coasts, out of which 1.900 are beaches. Whether you are looking for beautiful unspoiled beaches located between rough cliffs, hidden coves, volcanic beaches or natural parks you will find the beach you need.
This is the most mountainous country in Europe. In winter, we can find snowy landscapes and in summer, green takes over from North to South. Cliffs in the coast, cloudy summits are displayed all along the country and its islands to provide the most amazing locations.
Tabernas, in Andalucía, has been the location of many western movies, and its landscapes are rough, dry and very similar to the west American ones. In the north, both Monegros, with its hills, offers an awesome view and Bárdenas Reales, around 41.000 ha of amazing roads with curious rocky formations.
Half of our territory is crowded with magnificent forests with almost every kind of tree: beeches, oaks, birches, holm oaks, along with groves, riparian forests and valley bottom, deciduous and evergreen trees spilled all along our ground.
The variety of villages that can be found in Spain range from small coastal places, passing through the small towns of the interior, to picturesque mountain areas and abandoned villages.
Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Bilbao, all of them situated in a range of one hour flight, offering different approaches of diverse kind of places. And within them, neighborhoods that transport us to places that could well be elsewhere in Europe.
Whether roads are searched with a background of coast, as sinuous curves climbing a mountain roads through deserts, whatever route we need we will find here.
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